What Have I Got in My Pocket?

Did I mention I'd lost my wallet? Well I've found it again, and it's lovely and clean, thanks to having gone through the washing machine twice.

Having no cash was an extremely effective way to avoid the temptation to buy emormous blocks of chocolate. Unfortunately....
My N-Pod MP3 player has a 40BG hard disk and a rechargable lithium battery that lasts six hours. Plus an FM radio and text viewer. It also has extremely buggy firmware and absolutely no support from distributor or maunfacturer.

At unpredictable intervals, it starts to play MP3s silently, though the radio still works. Occasionally, it just freezes during bootup. The cure seems to be to poke a pin into the 'Reset' hole in the base, hold for 10 seconds, and switch on. Several times until the unit works properly.

For £128, it would be an excellent unit if it worked properly. As it is, given the bugs and quiet playback, I feel slightly cheated.

I've bought a 'backup' MP3 player from Ebay. Lower specs - 1GB drive and runs for 2-3 hours from a AAA battery, and at £50 (including postage etc) it's not one of those fabled Ebay bargins.
I'm copying the 'Play It Today' piano tutorial cassettes to digital form. The course seems well thought out, but the presentation and 'real music exercises' are embarassingly cheesy.

A plummy voice-over artiste teaching me how to play like Richard Clayderman. How to play with perfect posture, impeccable timing, and all the passion of stale water.
Without too much pain, I got Paul T's computer set up for internet action. Or as he puts it 'North Korean Lesbian Action'. Sadly, the sapphist ladies of communist Korea are not currently available to him, because he has no cable that (a) is long enough to reach the phone socket and (b) actually works.

Once we have a new five metre RJ11 cable, we'll see what other impediments to all-girl digital fantasy arise.
I seem to have almost no lung capacity. Cycling fairly gently for ten minutes leaves me completely winded and in pain.

I'm not muscularly weak, or lacking in muscle endurance. It's just the aerobic side of exercise that defeats me.