I Know What I Did Last Summer

This is the month for doing all the domestic things I haven't got around to doing for the last few years.

Tidying the bedroom, scanning the stories I wrote between 18 and 22 (I found two more), sorting out the boxes of paper, converting more cassettes to mp3 etc.

I made a video diary of the day I went to Hastings to see Nick C's band. The tapes have been sitting in a box for months, waiting to be digitised or transferred to VHS. Now that's done, I can keep the promise I made to myself to wait one year after the event before watching them.
Another promise I made was last week, to spend this evening showing Sion R how to mix and master on a computer. I had completely forgotten the arrangement, and just as I was thinking how nice an evening nap would be, my phone started beeping to remind me.

Sion's new computer is rather impressive - flat screen, 1024MB RAM, three-point-something GHz and 350GB HD(!). I partitioned it into something more managable, and gave him quick run-through on multitracking, automated pan and volume, in-line effects, dynamics compression and mixing down.

We ate far too much chinese takeaway with his wife Michelle, and sat feeling bloated listening to each other's back catalogue. They much enjoyed my songfight work, though they said my singing style is sometimes "mad".
I photocopied five books on speedreading in about 1997. The irony is I did it partly because I didn't have time to read them. Well, now they're getting converted to PDF, and the other irony is it's much more difficult to speedread from a screen than a page.