Blessings to Count

I feel like I'm just about to have a bad cold. You know the feeling, before the symptoms kick in fully, there's one or two days of mild headaches, vagueness of thought, general tierdness, oversleeping and odd muscle aches. Well I've had that for a month, and it's getting very slowly worse.

Though partly to blame might be today's breakfast. There is definitely an art to poaching eggs in the kettle, and I haven't mastered it yet.

The second half of the daylight hours were spent drinking tea, eating (excellent) cold pizza, and listening to Paul T's ruminations on the contradictions in middle class consciousness.

I'm introducing myself the Epoxies 2nd album, Goldfrapp's third, and a band completely new to me - Ladytron. Very synth rock retro - Blondie and Georgio Moroder, via Kraftwerk and DJ Shadow. Great stuff.
Oh yes, todays newspapers.

* A 7.6 earthquake in India, Pakistan and Afganistan. Very scarce info.

* Most broadsheets have decided to adopt a 'nuanced' view of Bush's statement that god told him to invade Iraq.

* The prez has started preaching 'energy austerity'. To the public, obviously, not big business. Global warming is the consumer's fault for being greedy.

* The effect is slightly undercut by congress passing a bill offering financial incentives to build oil refineries, and lessening environmental legislation about their construction and operation.

* On to the trivial news. Boy George and Robbie Williams take cocaine. So do supermodels and the journalists who write shocked articles about them doing it.

There's also a scientific report showing humans are genetically programmed to hoard possessions (except when they're not), and Bill Clinton is being rubbished in print yet again for having sex (but not for being corrupt). Maybe I should try American papers.
There's still good things in life. Watching three consecutive episodes of House at four in the morning, sex-obsessed synthpop, a little bundle of affectionate puppy-shaped madness,, caramel chocolate bars, Oliver Postgate, living in a dreary town that's suddenly once again full of cute students.