Home Alone 2

My parents are spending Sunday (from midnight) on the Isle of Wight with the dogs. As minor landlords, they own three extra properties which they rent out to students and families taking weekend breaks. And they maintain that they barely break even doing it - which is I suppose not completely implausibe, given the highly seasonal renting pattern.

Anyway, the little holiday cottage on the Isle of Wight is vacant, so they're spending 36 hours there. Leaving me alone to 'mind the shop' (or 'hold the fort').

So I'm holding a wild party with lots of drugs and sex as soon as they leave. Oh alright, no I'm not. I did think of phoning up an old friend with an invitation along the lines of "My folks are away tonight, do you fancy coming over for a shag?" But I think I'd perfer to be alone on this occasion. Just don't tell anyone - I have a reputation as a sex fiend to maintain.
I got Paul T's internet connection working just fine. Unfortunately - as you know, there is always an 'unfortunately' - the account is in the name of his grandmother, who's just died, and whose bank account no longer exists.

We might sort something out, but he's in an "I'm sick of technology and can't face the hassle' mood.

We've got a provisional plan of working on our 'instrumental synthpop and guitars' EP. I come up with backing tracks, he improvises over them for a weeek or two till he's got songs, then suggests minor modifications, and we record.

The only real criterea are that it should be upbeat, and not sound like Strict Machines.

It's been years since I worked like that - more-or-less finishing the backing before even thinking about the lead parts.

Most synth-and-guitar tracks wind up like Bjorn Lynne - technically impressive but cheesy. These...probably won't.
I can't fit into my size 36W jeans. Waaaah! I feel like pigging out on chocolate to feel better, but suspect - just a vague feeling, you understand - that it wouldn't help. It wouldn't adress the nub of the problem, somehow.

Well, I've got the whole night to kill. And an hour of cardiovascular exercise always passes the time.

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