The Munch Bunch


A restrained 40-something (or is it early 50-something?) birthday lunch with Simon M. Scrupulously healthy stir-fry with prawns, followed by not-exactly-healthy ice-cream, chocolate, red wine and champaigne.

On the way home, another guilty few bars of chocolate from the smiling Iraqi man in the all-night shop, another box of fried chicken and chips from the smiling Turkish man in Ken's Fried Chicken, another three episodes of House...


...another afternoon with Simon M, this time helping him set up his first ever ebay auction. At some point, I'll have to teach him how to use the digital camera, tranfer the images, crop and mapipulate them, and upload. When both of us have the strength. This time, I did it myself. Which means I may end up doing it for the next item or so.

Anyway, I now have my TV back, and nowhere to put it, because the bedroom is unfeasibly cluttered with stuff. It's not junk, it's materiel.

And I must put some of it on ebay myself soon. I might get £10 for a £100 USB soundblaster box that proved to be completely and utterly useless. How much for theology textbooks that managed to get dogeared while never actually being read?
Exchange of emails with H. He's unspeakably busy at the moment, but will keep in touch when he can.
The earthquake in Pakistan. On Saturday the death toll was "up to 1000", yesterday it was "up to 19,000", and today it's "up to 40,000". And that's before disease, famine and drought kick in.

My god, it's unimaginable. The scale of it is quite literally beyond imagination. It's difficult enough to think of 50 deaths without each individual dissolving into a large amorphous mass, but tens of thousands?