See if you can spot the recurring pattern.

Thursday: Eight hours of night with Christina C and her computer, trying to fix her internet access. The initial and eventual diagnoses were that she needs a new modem.

Friday: Five hours to fix John M's internet access. I eventually wiped the hard disk and reinstalled everything. When I left at 0215, with John quietly snoozing on the couch in front of the TV, it seemed to be working okay.

Today is Saturday. Paul T's modem has arrived, and the evening will be spent setting up his net access.

The plan for Monday is to get a new USB card for Simon M. So he can plug his modem into it and surf the net.

It's 0315, I'm exhausted and sick of computers. Each day I promised myself I'd work on the latest song, and each day I got a phone call from someone with a crap computer who needs the net for their work.