Woke up at midday, and cycled (rather painfully) to Maplin to get a USB PCI card for Simon M. Seeing as he's broke, and I owe him £10, my repayment for the £30 card was the loan of two porn DVDs.

Believe it or not, the card worked perfectly first time. So now he can continue to spend money he doesn't have on fat-loss and muscle-building supplements from Ebay.

According to his high-tech bathroom scales, around one third of my bodyweight is fat. 10-15% is desirable, so 31% is not terribly good. He gave a lot of good advice about diet and exercise - including one very useful tip to computer-bound snackers like me: keep a bowl of fruit next to the computer.

He's still got my TV, but I now have the laptop back.
Karma involves cycles and things balancing out, right? Well, my bike gets stolen, I buy another one, and an abandoned bike turns up in middle of the road. Father asks around and keeps it in the garage for a month before mentioning it to me.

Not exactly balanced, but certainly cyclic. And I now have a spare bicycle.
Not quite in the same vein, but: My parent's digital camera (£300 and very cool) is not economically repairable after it started taking only black pictures. And I've got my camcorder (£650 three years ago and hopelessly out of date) taking stills again.

We think the bank of light-sensitive capacitors in the camera has become disconnected or burned out. And I just found the 'Format Memory Stick' option on the camcorder.

They've bought a new, even cooler camera now.
A sudden cloud of committments means I can't reasonably finish the 'Boundaries' song this week.

Wednesday: RESPECT meeting in the evening. Not an important one, but I need to speak with John M about slide digitisation and Sion R about co-producing his album.

Thursday: Leafleting with Lee S for the local elections in the morning, trying to fix Paul T's net connection in the afternoon, and going to a seminar from the great Johnathan Neale in the evening.

Saturday: Lunch and television retrival with Simon M. Probably with one of his deeply crap but camply enjoyable movies.

Christina C thinks he and I should 'get together', presumably on the grounds that we're both gay, so must be compatable. Exactly why a bisexual woman with three boyfriends (who have their own girlfriends and indeed boyfriends) should think this, I'm not sure.