Ten, nine eight...

Chatted for the first time in ages on IRC with Nick. I'd forgotten how much I missed his company - even on the other side of a screen filled with words. He's got two gigs coming up, the second one a benefit concert for the tsunami appeal, and we may be able to perform together. The stage debut of our much delayed synthpop duo 'The K Twins'.

Okay. I can now finally get around to reinstalling windows. After making sure that all the files are backed up. And then making sure the backup disc isn't corrupt. And then finding a few files I'd forgotten to back up.

I'm singing in a pub with some other bands on the 12th, which gives me about a week to put together 17 minutes worth of backing material, some of it from scratch. Though I'm supposed to be studying my maths books. Oh well, if absolutely necessary, I'll reuse the backing CD from the SFUK2004 gig.

While wasting time browsing through other people's blogs, I found http://nodirtykitty.blogspot.com/. A gay arts graduate with little tolerance of pretention - which I can cirtainly identify with. And a superfit HIV+ black man living in Texas, which is more difficult.

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