Busy but not Active

Last night I promised myself I'd begin some sort of exercise regime this morning - go for a cycle, or at least a brisk walk. This morning I woke up to stiff painful muscles in the back and neck, and an extremely cold day outside. So I spent the day hunched over various computers, no doubt making the problem worse.

I've got about 200 music cassettes, and one semifunctional tape deck - it plays most tapes without chewing them up, but won't fastforward or rewind, or record. The cheapest new deck costs £99. So, just for the moment I'll use the old one to sample my old cassette collection to WAV, clean up the hiss and rumble, and convert to mp3. Before the tapes degrade further, or players become completely unavailable.

Oh yes, and there's maths and physics to study. Why is it I can find a dozen tedious things to do - cataloguing CDRs, testing permutations of driver combinations for software, editing MP2 sound files from DAB - all of which take me away from things I'm actually interesting in - reading new ideas and making music?

The headline in todays local rag is "Panto Star In Sex Probe". The Conservative Party leader has made a speech saying there's no room in this country for immigrants - presumably he means people like his father, or the invisible people who do the jobs no one else will do. There's a rally on Saturday, in support of a 14 year old schoolgirl who's being thretened with extradition.
My back hurts and I feel like a cup of tea with three chocolate buscuits.

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