Fuck Me Again You Animal

If we see one male lion mounting another, there are a large number of possible interpretations. For instance:

* They are lovers and long term partners
* This is consensual gay sex
* It's rape
* It's a display of social dominance and submission
* It's social bonding
* It's the result of no females being available
* One is practicing for reproductive sex, using the other for a 'dry run'.
* They are playing

What seems to be an obviously sexual act, can have plausible (and perhaps even true) nonsexual functions.

However, the converse is also true. If we take a human activity like smoking, marathon running, drinking beer with friends, demonstrating against the government, or engaging in 'retail therapy', all these have possible sexual explanations. Indeed, much of the pseudoscientific side of psychoanalysis is concerned with positing such explanations.

In a world where girls fall in love with popstars and ponies, and boys read magazines about guns or bodybuilding, the various disciplines of psychology, sociology, and cultural theory are in the dark ages.

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