A Day Like Any Other

I kept my sex appointment with TC this afternoon. It was all quite pleasant, but for some reason I found myself getting bored. He's a nice fellow, with the endearing habit of taking off his wedding ring before climbing into the marital bed with another man.

My brother visited in the evening, and we ate far too much chinese food to mark my father's 69th birthday.

Tomorrow is the big day. A demo and march against the deportation of Laren Suleman - the 14 year old kurdish schoolgirl. It's my job to photograph the event.

My physics course starts on Feb 3rd, which is awkward, as I haven't finished the preparatory maths course yet.

I'm copying all my 80s and 90s dance music compilation cassettes to mp3. There's some tracks I'd completely forgotten about, and a few soulful ones that annoyed me at the time but now work better.

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