Phatness and Fatness

Yay! I've got a new cassette player. And it doesn't even chew up tapes like the old ones. So now I've just got to sample my 200 music cassettes, filter out the noise, convert to mp3 and put onto CDRs. And then do the same thing for the tapes of radio serials. And then for mother's hundred or so maths and science study tapes.

And then ask anyone whether they have any cassettes they want transferred to CD.

I haven't seen H for nearly two weeks, and I'm really missing him. We exchanged text messages - he can't see me for another week because, like me, he's rather good at putting off 'official' work to do 'hobby' work, until the last minute. So now he and I both have great big towering backlogs of study to get through, and no time to do it. I knew there was a reason I liked him.

I am definitely not going to say how much I weighed today. But if I were a bit more femme (or had more energy), I'd have thrown the scales out of the window. As a teenager, I was a fan of Peter Lorre films - somehow I never expected to end up more like Sidney Greenstreet.

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