Kappy Birthday

Right. The gig went quite well. At least I think it did. I had a cold and a sore throat, so some notes were off. And the backing track skipped a few times, which messed up the rhythm. But I got a respectable applause at the end, and the comment "That was very good, even if you did plunder every cliche of cheesy 80s pop."

When I got home, I found the computer wouldn't boot. So, after reinstalling Windows 2000 a few times, I installed an old 16GB hard disk to be the system drive, and installed my software setup yet again.

Chatted on IRC with Nick on Friday. We're going to try to put together a song for the 'longfight'. Each of us writes one song, plus one set of lyrics for the other to sing and compose backing for, then we segue the four into a mix. I have no inspiration whatsoever, but it does sound like a good project. Hopefully I'll have some ideas by the time we chat again on Monday.

Monday is my birthday, and it starts in 1 hour. I'll be 33. It seems like a good day to try implementing some of the things I've been promising myself I'd do. The usual things - give up chocolate, do exercise, study more regularly, try again to find a job, keep sensible sleeping hours, and all good worthy stuff. Oh, and update audio diary and blog more often.

I plan to get myself a small birthday gift - the Revitar 2.0 VST guitar synthesiser from http://www.cuttermusic.com. The demo version looks very impressive, though I'd need to know more about guitar chord theory to use it properly. Strange that after two decades of being into synthesised dance music, I'm lining up to record boy-and-guitar songs.

I've just come back from chairing a seminar on Bob Dylan. The speaker was Pat Stack, who's always a brilliant speaker - well informed and passionate. Unfortunately no one else in the audiance wanted to say much in the discussion, so I made a complete tit of myself trying to galvanise a discussion for half an hour.

So. Put on a CD of ambient mp3s, lie down in bed, drift off to the gentle music, and wake up one year older.

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