Wise Wednesday - 1

I like quotations. I like to think I have a functioning brain. I have a blog. I used to be a graphic designer. I usually have a lot of data left over from projects that didn't didn't work out, or changed direction.

One convergence of all these five things is...Wise Wednesday. Maybe you like.


  1. Some alternatives...

    The internet is actually made of pornography, intransigence, and idealism.

    Mostly, we choose what we are told to choose.

    Several loaded guns set Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold free; at least, that's how they saw it.

    Anything not worth doing will be overdone by Mick Jagger.

    Television was a temporary culprit for "everything that's wrong in American society"; before TV it was comics, these days it's Facebook.

  2. @aethelread: Ha! I was going to add porn to the first quote, too!