Spoiler Alert

Kapitano's list of pop culture spoilers:
  • Lost - They were dead all along
  • The Prisoner - No it really doesn't make sense.
  • Citizen Kane - Rosebud was the sled.
  • Blake's 7 - It really was a hopeless struggle.
  • 1984 - It really was a hopeless struggle.
  • Cube - It was a government experiment.
  • American Psycho - The impossible murders didn't happen.
  • St Elsewhere - It was all a daydream.
  • Point Blank - It was all a delusion.
  • The Cabinet of Dr Caligari - It was all a delusion.
  • Brazil - Only the happy bits were a delusion.
  • Fight Club - Tyler is Edward.
  • Atlas Shrugged - Blah blah blah...zzzzz.
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - The sidekick did it.
  • The Three Apples (Arabian Nights) - The sidekick did it.
  • The Robots of Dawn (Asimov) - The sidekick did it.
  • Unbreakable - The mentor did it.
  • The Mousetrap - The detective was the killer in disguise.
  • Curtain - Poirot did it.
  • Twelve Monkeys - It was nothing to do with the twelve monkeys.
  • War of the Worlds - The aliens die of chicken pox.
  • The Martian Chronicles - The aliens die of chicken pox.
  • Five Characters in Search of a Exit - They're children's toys.
  • Mulholland Drive - Everyone was someone else.
  • Fallen - The good guys lost and the bad guy was the narrator.
  • The Usual Suspects - The narrator was lying.
  • Death in Venice - Sublimated pedophillia causes death.
  • Lolita - Sublimated pedophillia causes death.
  • Six Characters in Search of an Author - It doesn't matter if it was real.
  • No Exit (Sartre) - They're in hell.
  • A Nice Place to Visit (Twilight Zone) - He's in hell.
  • The Sixth Sense - He was dead all along.
  • Pincher Martin - He was dead all along.
  • Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes - They were dead all along.


  1. :-)

    "Bad luck Picard. You're dead...and I'm God"
    - Q

  2. Bummed I was to have sat through the last two episodes of Lost. I mean to say. Blimey.

    Luckily, I didn't watch seasons 3,4 and 5, or, most of six, so I reckon I've banked a few hours of apparent sanity.

    And as for The Prisoner! Pshaw.

  3. I watched the Series Finale of Lost, and I don't think they were all dead--at least not at the same time. Some things really did happen; others just took place in a different time, different reality. I was glad about how the series ended. Very fitting to the 1st season of Lost.

    The Usual Suspects is a great movie!


    The Crying Game is neither a game nor anything to cry about. No goa'uld were harmed in the making of this film.

  4. Actually, I've not seen any episodes of Lost. From what I read it seemed to be aiming to be what the X-Files degenerated into - a big wobbly pile of inconsistent mysteries with no solution.

  5. a big wobbly pile of inconsistent mysteries with no solution.

    Yep, that was Lost... but I loved it anyway. (The phrase could also sum up my life.)

    The ending was a bit of acheat. Back in the first season the producers assured us the castaways weren't dead. But they are now. The moment when Christian Shepherd led them all into the light was just cheesy.