Spock Has a Beard

We spend half our lives in a mirror universe. It's called the internet.

The iVerse (not owned by Apple) is a place where everyone is entitled to their own personal facts, sex is something you do with your eyes, and there are only two kinds of people - the devolved semihuman Morlocks, barely capable of syntax, incapable of logic...and the enlightened Nerds, also known as Facepalmers from their customary pose.

Here's a transcript of a typical exchange on youtube - one of the larger nodes of the iVerse - between two strangers, on the subject of wacky ex-gay 'therapy' cults.. You might be able to guess the identity of one of the strangers.

moniequa: If people are stupid enough to believe that gay is curable then they should be taken advantage of.

KapitanoStuff: So only smart people deserve compassion? Only the clever should get justice?

No one decides to hate themselves - it comes from being raised to hate something...then discovering you're it. It takes time to realise that everything you were told is wrong, and it's a painful process.

A process not helped by ignorant remarks like yours.

moniequa: anyone with any sense of intelligent would know that gay is not a choice, especially gay people, they should know that it is from within. They don't just wake up one day and decide that they are, most know it since they are very young. So for you to say that gay people didn't realize that their feelings were natural is a crock of shit.

KapitanoStuff: Try actually speaking to people with experience of 'ex-gay' groups, instead of assuming with no knowledge. Naturally gay people can believe it's somehow a choice if they're surrounded by people who say so all the time.

If people can believe in god or conspiracy theories, believing that is simple.

moniequa: These people, not the ones that were forced into the program, brought it upon themselves because they wanted to be straight.

KapitanoStuff: Yes, that's right. Because everyone who makes a mistake when they're confused, in pain, and haven't had the chance to find out the truth...deserves no sympathy.

You of course have never ever believed a lie from someone you trust.


KapitanoStuff: You're getting confused between "being gay is natural" and "knowing that being gay is natural".

moniequa: No I'm not confused between the two, if gay feel is natural as straight, which I believe it is, I know that these people know that they naturally gay and nothing they could do about it. To say they don't know and want to change is a crock of shit. They're pressured to change against their will, OK, but to say they don know that being gay is natural is simply nonsense and you know it.

KapitanoStuff: There are two possibilities.

1) You are correct, which means millions of gay people put themselves through the torture of trying to change, in the full knowledge that *there*is*no*point* in doing so, for absolutely no reason. Or

2) The action of millions is psychologically comprehensible.

See if you can work out which is more likely.

moniequa: So you're saying the pressure is so great that it forces people to attempt to change even though they know without a doubt that they couldn't. Its like proclaiming its natural yet trying to change. Now you have 2 situations: 1) People volunteerily want to change to because they believe they can or 2) With society pressure they attempt to change because they think there is a possibility. Pick one explain to me why its not their fault to want to change.

KapitanoStuff: Try to pay attention this time. Ready?

They Do Not Know That They Can't Change.

Understand yet? People believe things that aren't true. People believe things that you and I know are false. Yes? Things like the moon landings being faked, and Jesus rising from the dead, and the conspiracies of Glenn Beck, and marxism being a religion and...homosexuality being curable.

Why do people believe this shit? Because they were raised to. It's not hard to understand.


  1. Wait! The moon landings were faked? Wow, I never knew. I knew about the Jesus thing, but the moon landings ... goodness me, whatever next?

    I've heard there's something very awry at the Co-Op, but mum's the word ... though why Mum's the word I'm not sure.

  2. Actually the landings were real. It's the moon that's faked.

    By the Co-Op.

  3. You did sterling work there, Kapitano. :o)

    moniequa is clearly a compasionless idiot, but has, perhaps, a small ghost of a point. I've only known one person who's been ex-gayed, albeit by means of a prayer session and a laying on of hands (!) in an ordinary Sunday service rather than a special camp - i'm not sure if we have actual camps in the UK now, but i'm pretty sure there weren't any back then (early 90s). We were having a post-sex chat (did i mention that the ex-gaying may not have worked...?), and he said that, on one level, he had always known that it was impossible for him to change, but that he wanted so much to believe that he could that he almost convinced himself it was possible. I'm not sure how typical his experience is, though. And, as you say, just because a person is easily taken in, that doesn't mean they deserve what they get.

    Aethelread (OpenID doesn't seem to be working)

  4. I like to pretend that spirits of those who have passed before us are communicating through your word verification.