Freezeframe Friday - Advertising Edition

Do you realise, the average hour long TV show actually lasts 40 minutes. The rest is opening and closing credits, trailers and...adverts.


  1. Does the lady come with the green sofa? I might need her to clean up the sofa and after my home goes into a nuclear explosion.

  2. Heh. There was one I didn't include, showing a little girl in a white party dress next to an enormous sofa. Caption: Special adoption offer with free homemaking kit.

    But I thought it might be bad taste.

    Of course, after a nuclear explosion, you might wind up with a lime green lady and a white sofa. Grounds for a discount?

    Or a sci-fi serial?

  3. Your captions made me giggle and the previous comments made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

    I'm very much against the use of nuclear weapons... except when they are used to wipe out eyesores like lime green sofas.

  4. At least you didn't mention DFS.

  5. @Domestic Goddess:

    It could be worse than lime green. It could be shocking pink.

    I think I want to paint my bedroom black and have a pink vinyl the shape of a movie starlet's lips. And...


    @Camy: At least you didn't mention DFS.

    "Yay I wanna be a stock car!"

    Um, that is the right lyric?