Freezeframe Friday - More Sex Edition

You people. You're all obsexed. I mean, obsessed.


  1. Yeah, there's something wrong with that dude with the funky lips and cheeks in the 3rd pic. He's looking at Montel's mouth and thinking, Eww! Is it meant to be as hairy as that?

  2. You're not a fan of hairy mouths then? :-). There is IMO something worse than trying to snog a full beard - trying to snog a hard pointy stubble.

    Though it may be worse if the stubble belongs to a woman.

    BTW, as is traditional on the internet, my mention of a spelling mistake contains a spelling mistake.

    So I'm going to pretend it was deliberate and ironic.

  3. I am in no position to comment on being obsexed as I have just got turned-on by a photo of a washing machine on somebody else's blog.

    vw: brestici