My Eden

It's more fun to figure out how to do something than to do it.

I just spent fifteen minutes working out how to watch 53 episodes of I dream of Jeanie for free - if you're in America you can do that anyway on, but over here you need to get past their stupid location restrictions.

Not that I have the slightest interested in watching I dream of Jeanie. It manages to be lightweight even by the standards of other supernatural sitcoms with inexplicable gay followings.

Last night I got to watch two free scenes from a porn movie (Oral Exams 3, I think) for some promotion or other. Figured out a way to record the stream, set it going, and went for a cup of tea while the somewhat above college-age college class were sucking off the noisy janitor. Might watch it later, if I don't get some of the real thing.

Some day I'm going to figure out how to bring down the corrupt governments of the world and end poverty forever. But not if it takes more than an hour to do.


  1. If you had a genie, you could wish for an end to corrupt gov'ts and end poverty. A genie is not necessary for sex with college students and janitors.

    I haven't watched many episodes of I dream of Jeanie and the other retro supernatural sitcom, Bewitched. But the few I've seen are enjoyable. But my guilty pleasure when it comes to retro sitcoms is Three's Company. Oh, and here's a fun link for the show. I bet you don't see that on I dream of Jeanie!

  2. There was an episode of The X-Files where Mulder gets a genie to give him "peace on earth" - which turns out to mean "no life anywhere on the planet".

    I rather think if a genie removed all the bad governments and poverty in the world today...they'd be back tomorrow. No point in treating the symptoms if the disease is still there, no point in removing dictators if there's still people who want to be dictators waiting for the chance.

    "A genie is not necessary for sex with college students and janitors."

    I don't think I've ever had sex with a janitor. A gravedigger, yes. A health and safety inspector, yes. A street-sweeper - not quite.

    If I do get to get jiggy with a janitor, I'd like him to be mild mannered and called Henry. And know some martial arts.

    "the other retro supernatural sitcom, Bewitched"

    Ahh but there was Tabatha - the 70s sequel!

    Never seen Three's Company - though there was a British sitcom around at the same time called Man About The House. Like WIl & Grace, it had a very faintly risky premise - in this case two women living with one man - and was apart from that painfully safe.

    As for John Ritter's right's almost as well hidden as Barbara Eden's belly button.

    But thank you for letting me know probably the only thing I will ever know about the actor John Ritter.

  3. I think the porn would probably be more amusing than the sitcom.