Looks like I'll have to put the spam filter up again. I've been getting comments advising me that

"As such there are no side effects of using klonopin. You must look into that. You can observe the change within a short period of time."

...which is nice. And offers of "Dating picture pantyhose" and "Deadly Russian Mail Order Brides".

It's good to know the KGB are still training their sex agents in multiple killing techniques - and their translations are as good as ever.


  1. If you've paid attention to the Bond films, all you have to do is have sex with those killer sex spies and they won't kill you. Just close your eyes and think of England.

    Lately, I've been getting a few of those spam comments, too. I did have to closed commenting on one of my posts they seemed attracted to, leaving weird foreign languages that translates into squares in the comments.

    Now, I just set my blog to send me emails to notify me when someone leaves a comment--and I can just enjoy deleting those spam comments as soon as gmail tells me they made an a appearance.

  2. You don't want a Deadly Russian Mail Order Bride that wears pantyhose and will change you with klonopin with no side effects?

    Where's your sense of adventure?

  3. I'm getting the Spams too and delete them, like Eros, as soon as they show up in my inbox.

    I see you as more of a Mantyhose kinda guy.