A Good Day

Pleasure, contentment, joy. Three very different things.

I had some pleasure today - it didn't being me contentment, but it wasn't supposed to. An old friend dropped round for some...oh you can guess what he dropped round for. It was nice, but what I really wanted was for the pain in my back to go away - why does sex have to get you into such awkward positions?

After that I had some contentment, getting drunk on rum and pepsi in the morning, watching back to back episodes of an utterly preposterous sci-fi serial. "Fringe", featuring the badboy heartthroob, the blond female investigator who manages to be both overemotional and hyperefficient, the mad scientist working for the good guys, the spooky elder femme fatale who represents the untrustworthy not-quite-good-guys...and the bald black guy.

Black guys on TV tend to be bald. Just like attractive women have light hair and troubled family histories, and cute white guys have stubbles. Sometimes evil geniuses have British accents, which I always enjoy. It might be nice if the science were even slightly realistic.

And then there's joy. Which I don't think I've experienced since ago 20. The sensation of being completely and utterly blown away by something, whether it's an awesome guitar solo, an alien way of looking at the world by a German philosopher, or a medical breakthrough. Though the breakthroughs usually turn out to be misreported, the philosopher usually forgot something obvious, and the guitarist overdoses a year later.

Of the three, I think I prefer contentment. Because it lasts longer, is easier to achieve, can be had twice in one day, and most times doesn't need a shower afterwards.


  1. why does sex have to get you into such awkward positions?

    I’m here to tell you that it isn’t necessary to perform fellatio upside down every time.

  2. How did you know it was upside down? I didn't mention...

    Erm. That was just a guess wasn't it?

    Anyway, my back's fine now. And the stubble scratches are...um, I'll just shut up now.

  3. I'll take all three with some rum and Pepsi! Hold the bald black man, the stubbly guy, and the evil British genius--I'll will take the blond, easy on the emotions.

    Fringe is like X-files extreme!