Twitter is supposed to be for telling the world what you're doing at that moment.

As in "I'm downloading some porn"..."Wondering whether I can be bothered to have a wank"..."Just got started but bloody mother interrupted"..."Getting back into the rhythm"..."Typing this with one had while staring at fake Ricky Martin pics"..."Sponging down laptop screen". That sort of thing.

Brent Spiner - 80s lounge singer and Lieutenant Commander - has 179,535 followers. You can follow his (facetious and fictional) mental breakdown and bankruptcy.

If you look to your right you'll see what I do with twitter. I've always been fond of quotations and aphorisms, so I've set myself the challenge of coming up with five vaguely quotable sayings (of 140 characters or less) a day.

Maybe not "The Wisdom of Kapitano", but more interesting than what I had for breakfast. Encapsulated minor insights, thoughts that would otherwise slip between the cracks, things to remember for seeming clever and spontaneous later.



  1. I, for one, am a big fan of "The Wisdom of Kapitano".

    Please tell me you don't really wank to fake Ricky Martin pics.

  2. Oh alright then.

    [cough, clears throat]

    "I don't really wank to Ricky Martin pics."


    (Actually I don't find him attractive - or interesting in any other way. As I've said before, Geekiness is my Weakiness.)

  3. Oh, a George Michael fan then? I Want Your Sex indeed. :-)