T-wit t-wo

I woke up to find two new people following me on Twitter.

The first was "Winfred Delaney", who despite living in Ennis, Texas, runs a women's clothing shop in East Village, Manhattan. She also has exactly one tweet:

I don't believe it, I just got a free iphone. Here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/cc9gss

The link, like her credibility, is down. So, someone has found a way to set up spam accounts in Twitter. Oh deep fucking joy. She's got 61 following her - some of who seem to be real people. Obviously not very bright real people.

She's blocked, reported, and hopefully soon history.

I read somewhere that around 80% of internet traffic is spam. Whether that means 80% of communications or 80% of bytes transferred I don't know, and I'm not sure how anyone could gather such a statistic anyway.

But I take some small comfort in the three gentlemen behind the famous Nigerian scams now being behind bars - for the next seven years. And the surprising thing is, two of them actually are Nigerian.

My other, um, "follower" is billMaintsuper, who seems to be an actual flesh and blood person - and a plumber. Plus painter, decorator, electrician, locksmith, paver...and demolition man. A renaissance man of the building trade.

I'm not sure why he's following, but seeing as he's following 976 others, I'll try not to make too much of it...like blogging about it, or anything.

I was wondering why Twitter wasn't posting my SMS updates. Turns out it's not the result of following their confused instructions as written, or one of their increasingly frequent "busy" periods - it's just a feature that doesn't work for a lot of people.

My Twiter profile, in 140 characters or less:

Musical philosophical immoral orthogonal. Nonsmoking tealoving dogowning something. Artist atheist esperantist sodomist socialist.


  1. Ah, I'm sure these two Nigerians are enjoying some good old fashioned American (prison) hospitality, making lots of new friends and trying new exciting things under the tutelage of experienced (hardcore prison) men!

    I hate spammers. I guess those twats are now on twitter. Let's hope they, too, end up in prison.

    Bill sounds to be quite a handyman! Perhaps he wants to offer his services to clean your pipes and snake your drain, in case you need a hand with your plumbing.

  2. I thought about twitter but decided that I probably wouldn't use it that much. Unless I'm having an experience near the computer, I'd probably wouldn't bother to type away in my phone to tell everyone what they're missing.