Quiz Custodiet...?

I haven't got the strength to write much at the moment, so to keep things ticking over, here's a little quiz.

One of these quotes is fictitious. But which one?

1) "The Left is a hate group."
- David Horrowitz

2) "If everyone is a gay, this world will cease to exist in 10 years."
- Ikram ul-Huq, Imam

3) "A dubiously-competent socialist cult leader is an American president"
- R Hunter, blogger on Big Hollywood

4) "Evolutionism is part of the homosexualist agenda. They want to say it's okay to behave like crazed animals because we come from chimps."
- Michelle Bachmann, Member of Congress

5) "87% of women take 11.4 minutes or more to achieve orgasm."
- YouTube clip advertising a program of penis enlargement

Answers and references in an update.


  1. It has to be the last one:

    87% of women take 11.4 minutes or more to achieve orgasm

    In my experience, it happens in less than ten minutes ;)

  2. I agree, it's the last one.

  3. What percentage of men can last for 11.4 minutes?

  4. I know, darlin'.

    I've been in the room. :)