NaNoWriMo is finished, and my reader Camy has succeeded in writing a 50,000+ word novel in a month.

With the kind of superhuman effort usually only available to 20 year old students with final year dissertation deadlines and buckets of coffee, he's done it. Speaking as one who's taken three days to get halfway through tidying up his bedroom, I'm somewhat in awe of this. Titled "King of the Marsh", I haven't seen any of it yet, but absolutely intend to read it as soon as possible.

My own month long project is about to begin. The idea to record 4 or 5 synthpop versions of Kate Bush songs for a student's graduation project has developed...into an album of cover versions. The track listing, in no particular order, currently looks like this:

Them Heavy People (Kate Bush)
Experiment IV (Kate Bush)
The Dreaming (Kate Bush)
Army Dreamers (Kate Bush)
Girl U Want (Devo) - I thought of Mongoloid or Jocko Homo, but this one I just like.
Gloomy Sunday (Reszo Seress) - In the original Hungarian, naturally.
Science Fiction, Double Feature (Tim Curry) - The only one I've recorded before.

Homosapien (Pete Shelley)
Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)
Language is a Virus (Laurie Anderson) - I started work on O Superman, but it just turned out preposterous.
Space Man (Babylon Zoo) - Because I reckon I can do it better than the original.
Dragostea Din Tei (O-Zone) - Well, I've translated it into Esperanto, and it would be a shame to waste it.

I start recording on December 1st, and aim to finish by January 1st. Taking time out to assist Strict Machines in recording their album. Oh, and christmas might happen too.


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