1. Oh Captain, my Captain, again?! It seems politics has a very special effect on you... Maybe political gatherings have everything to do with drinking... Who am I to know?...
    So now you're into «comic strips»? I guess that boy standing on the table must have been previously attending a political gathering... I don't know why though...

  2. There's an article waiting to be written about different attitudes to alcohol around the world.

    From the people I've known from Germany, they don't like to get very drunk, or do it quickly - they like to get slowly, slightly drunk, they like to do it in groups, and they like to stay slightly drunk for several hours at a time.

    The French rarely get actually drunk- they get mellow, friendly, and conversational. Unlike the Germans, they drink strong red wine from glasses instead of large amounts of weak beer from flagons, and they don't sing about it while they're doing it.

    Russians though, can have vodka for breakfast. Not vodka with breakfast - vodka for breakfast. I've lived with some Polish students, and done the same thing with them.

    For the French, being drunk is shameful. For the Slavic peoples, it's just a fact of life. I'm not sure about the Germans, but for them it seems to be regarded as too much of a good thing - gluttony. For the British though, drunkenness is fun, and funny. It's as though drinking too much alcohol is the excuse we need to enjoy ourselves in company.

  3. The Portuguese have always drunk too much, too. It's the ancient Mediterranean wine culture brought by the Romans 2000 years ago. Before that, maybe some Greek wine, that thick one Homer tells us about, and some celtic beer.
    Nowadays everything goes, specially for younger generations; mine is divided according to drinking habits that depend on how much money you have: whisky, wine or beer.
    Speaking of it, I enjoy whisky at home, though I never get drunk even if I drink the whole evening and through the night (not often). Then, when having dinner out, wine. Red or white, but I prefer the chilled white one. And at bars, with friens, I prefer beer: I can drink lots of it (almost the German way) without getting too much drunk... That is, it depends... Er...
    All in all, I do enjoy drinking. Some years ago - my late 20s, early 30s - I almost turned into an alcoholic, but I managed to control the situation. Now I know how to drink - even a lot - and that's no longer a problem to me: I spend many days in a row without even thinking about it, which I find it's good.
    Alcoholism is a serious problem among us, and amazingly younger generations are heading that way, too. The worst of it all is that they drive; after drinking, they're mad enough to sit behind the wheel...

  4. It's from one of the newsgroups devoted to pictures of men and their bits. I can't remember which one. Probably alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.gaymen.

    I've got several thousand pics sitting on my hard disk at the moment from the last month's postings, and I'm slowly sorting through them, putting some in the pile of "horny" and some in the pile of "a bit dumb, and softcore, but maybe I can do something with it for the blog".