The Captain's Mess

What actually are mung beans? Is there such a thing as a mung bush? Are they related to peas? I only ask because I've got a big bag of them and I'll be eating them soon.

I've spent the last fortnight eating a dozen kinds of dahl (or dal), and I'm sure each of them has specific recommended culinary uses and subtle variations of flavour, but the only difference I can discern is some are yellow, some are orange, and some are green. Don't get me wrong - I like them. I just can't tell the difference.

However, I'm told that I'm visibly losing weight, which is good. The bathroom scales still insist that I'm 16 stone (224 lbs), whatever I'm wearing and whatever I've eaten. So I've either got kind friends or broken scales.

Remember the photos of the mess in my bedroom? Well, it's got like that again, only worse. Quite a lot worse, somehow.

I spent last night - by which I mean, the whole of the night from midnight till eight - sorting out the similar mess of mp3s and jpgs on this computer. Result: 18 CDRs full of ripped tracks from ShoutCast stations, which I can now listen to while making the room habitable. Overnight, of course.

I think the dogs think I'm another dog. Every they see or hear me, they run around, bark excitedly, and frantically sniff me. They don't do this for anyone else, and I only have to be gone for ten minutes before my reappearance makes them do it again.

I wonder if they think I'm a boy dog or a girl dog? Considering the number of times I've caught Perry trying to mount Dino - much to Dino's annoyance - they may be a little confused on the whole sex thing.

At least I know I'm not a bitch.

FAWM - February Album Writing Month. Write and record 14 songs over 28 days. Could be interesting.

Album-a-day. 20 minutes of music, or 30 songs, composed and recorded in 24 hours. It's supposed to encourage creativity, but I imagine an artist working in those kind of constraints would fall back on familiar formulas and cliches, just to write fast enough for the deadline. Or maybe I'm just a very slow writer.


  1. Good for you, Captain!
    For knowing you're not a bitch. Most bitches don't even know they are...
    Off topic: Beta version sent your tasty tags to the other world, didn't it?...

  2. The old Blogger system was like a video recording, in that the machinery (or, the HTML and CSS code) was complicated, but you could make changes to it using a screwdriver and some basic tools (or, some small knowledge of webpage design).

    The new "beta" Blogger system is like a DVD recording device - if you take the lid off, all you'll see inside is equipment that you simply can't fix or change with a screwdriver.

    With the old Blogger system, I could - slowly and a little painfully - edit the webpage code to create a blogroll that had tags, colours, and layout just the way I wanted.

    With the new system, I can create a blogroll in seconds, but I can't add tags or colours.

    Of course, I can still edit the HTML of my beta blog, except I don't understand it. It defined the appearance of the blog in such abstract ways, I don't know which pieces of HTML relate to which parts of the blog.

    BTW, if you don't know exactly what HTML and CSS are, don't worry. They're just the "language" that webpages are written in, "behind the scenes".

  3. I was that ignorant just a few months ago, Captain, not anymore. If there's something that drives me totally insane is to know there's a tool, an instrument, a device I can use to my benefit and not being able to use them due to shere ignorance...
    In any case, I still know less than I think I should...