Toothbrush, mouthwash, deodorant. Minidisc recorder, minidiscs, dictaphone, microphones, recharger, batteries, audio lead. Mp3 player, headphones. Notebook, pens. Snacks, water bottle, mints. Change of clothes, ibuprofen, switch card, cash, phone, conference ticket. Check.

Right. What have I forgotten? London map - where on earth did I put it? Nevermind, get one in London. Razor - get one from the bathroom. Keys - on the hook.

Existential dread - take it again this year? Why not, it doesn't take up any room.

Breakfast. Might be a good idea.

Phone charger! There's always something. Where in the name of sodomy is my phone charger?

Back on Tuesday. Cheeriebye.

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