Blonds Really Do Have More Fun

More excessive drinking, more immoral debauchery, and more complicated lovelives as a result. It's not just that I'm no good at monogamy - it seems no one else is either.

However, from Thursday till Tuesday I will be mostly concerned with political theory and practice, and with up to five seminars a day in London, I expect to be too exhausted and too broke for anything naughty and blogworthy.

I'll try to make some notes again, though some of the notes I made about the last time I was in a London suburn have got lost somewhere.

It's Independance Day. A day when we remember what America is all about.

"A group of bio-mechanically enhanced conservatives led by Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, and a young man born on September 11, 2001, set out to thwart Ambassador Usama bin Laden's plans to nuke New York City."

I also like the completely irrlevent quote from Karl Marx at the top of the page.

I set up a blog for John M. It's not a diary - it's a repository for any short articles he writes, to be updated whenever he writes them. I keep meaning to get his major articles (and books) onto the Marxists Internet Archive.

So far on the blog there's five brief articles, each introducing one of the basics of marxism. They were written for translation and publication in a Korean leftwing newspaper.

I can either let my hair go naturally back to dark brown, or keep it blond and touch up the roots. These are the opinions so far about the bleached Kapitano:

Simon: You look really evil.
Roxanne: It makes you look like a robot.
Max: Oh my god.
Lee: You look like a paedophille.
Anna (audiance member): It makes you look rather handsome.
Craig: ...
Gareth: It makes you look really gay. I mean, gayer.

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  1. I'd say that if you look like an evil gay paedophile robot, it's time to go natural.