The Beginning of Wisdom

The Australian government is talking about deporting extremist Shia muslims who follow Sharia law. Here's a few basic questions for people with an opinion on the matter.

1) What is the difference between Sunni and Shia?

1a) In Iraq the Shia are given power by the American occupiers because they deem the Sunni unstable. But they view the Shia rulers of Iran as unstable, with the Sunni as moderates. Why?

2) What actually is Sharia law?

2a) What does it say about terrorism?

2b) True or False: Most Shia don't follow Sharia - they follow Jaafari.

2c) Why do you think the difference matters, or doesn't?

3) Can you find a definition of "extremist" which never applies to yourself or your government?

3a) Why is this impossible?
(Hint: It's the same reason you can't define "bad" to apply only to your enemies.)

4) True or False: The UN was unable to pass resolutions against terrorism because they couldn't come up with definitions which excluded war and occupation.

5) How many of these questions did you not understand?

The Marquis de Sade once wrote that it's impossible to believe in a statement one does not comprehend. He was wrong.

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