Sorted, Safe, and Sound

All bands confirmed and scheduled, PA system tested and working fine, recording all set up and mixing sessions arranged. I'm practiced till I can do it in my dreams, and the only thing that'll stop me being tight as a drum is being tight as a newt.

50 demo CDs delivered and flyer for the next Strict Machines gig designed. The town is full of flyers for this gig, and everyone who could possibly be interested has been invited.

There's Eddie the 6'5'' bipolar soldier on the door in case anyone's dumb enough to make trouble, and Michelle the diminutive dusky maiden on the door with a bucket for donations.

In other words, absolutely nothing left to do, and if anything goes wrong, it won't be my fault!
Now, have a read of this:

Two planets, equal but opposite. Proton is ruled by technology, Phaze by magic. Stile is a lowly serf on Proton, protected from unknown assassins by a secret race of humanoid super-robots.

He crosses the barrier between the worlds, to become a powerful magician in Phaze, and a threat to the political order in Proton. As the two worlds begin to merge, Stile must prevent their mutual destruction.

This is the first part of Piers Anthony's Split Infinity Trilogy. The other two are Blue Adept and Juxtaposition

Does that make you want to read the novels? I wrote the speil, and it makes me want to read them. I've read them, and it makes me want to read them, even though I know they're a pile of mediocrity. I read them when I was 11, and rather enjoyed them while being aware of how corny and formulaic Piers Anthony usually was.

Anyway, I'm shoving the trilogy onto Ebay, because there's no way I'll read it again, but there's plenty of people who might. Though there's only one bid for the Jam DVD and nothing at all for the Norman Hunter stories.
There's also a certain emotional complication. A blast from the past. Unfinished business and unresolved issues from an unfinished relationship. I have absolutely no idea whar, if anything, will happen. But when it does, I'll stop being so mysterious about it.

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