Happy Days

One of the first albums I bought was Flag by Yello, purchased on the strength of the single The Race. The album influenced a lot of my teenage musical experiments and it's still a favourite, but one track in particular - 3rd of June - was especially inspiring.

Well, this particular 3rd of June was a good day. I woke at midday with not a trace of hangover, feeling bouyed up by the gig and the time with CW.

The sun made a return appearance in the sky, and the day outside was clear, bright and warm - which also meant the reappearance of the beshorted boystudents and topless totty. All very pleasant.

Finding the old mp3 player under the bed was also good, as was a new episode of Doctor Who and an email from Nick.

I sold the Jam DVD and the Sapphire and Steel DVDs arrived - the final four adventures (or "Assignments") of the six made. Assignment 3 was the first one I saw back in 1981, I've never seen number 2, Assignment 1 I saw a few years ago on VHS, and number 4 was the one that scared the freaking shit out of me.

I hope that seeing it again now will exorcise a childhood demon.
Sunday the 4th of June is planned out. Sleep until midday again because it's 0400 now, spend the afternoon with Sion R sorting out gig recordings, and the evening at a forum on climate change and nuclear power.

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