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You may remember, many moons ago, I was asked to help run the Portsmouth Respect website. Then we all became too busy, not least with trying to run a Respect by-election campaign with minimal funds and a dozen people.

But tomorrow we actually do it - that is, Gareth E asks me to teach him Dreamweaver or HTML, and I try to teach him what I learned an hour before writing this entry, and he decides it's all much too complicated and he's too busy so please can I do it.

Nick says I could be a columnist - or possibly communist. With luck I'll soon be both, of a sort. Not that we Respecters are terribly optimistic about the future of the party. The ghost of Galloway's Cat is still haunting us.
I'm trying to get back into writing short stories, having given it up 10 years ago. I've got some pages of notes for something about the outbreak of an interplanetary war. A lot of science fiction is about trying to avert conflict by finding common ground between humans and aliens - some shared values or goals. But what if there isn't any? What if neither side knows what they're doing to aggrivate the other?

Other ideas which have been floating around in my head:
* A murder mystery among a group of hostages tied to a radiator.
* A philosophical manuscript of undecidable authenticity divides followers of the philosopher. Some need to prove it's genuine, some that it's fake.
* A spy finds there is no longer an alternative world power to which he can betray his masters. So he betrays them anyway.
* A business department where no one knows what the department does.
* A elderly woman's thoughts obsessively return to a day in her youth - even after she discovers the events could not have occured.

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  1. 'A murder mystery among a group of hostages tied to a radiator'.
    Either a very small group or a very large radiator! ;)