Hello Monster

It's a good idea to put your microphones in a safe place. But not if it's a hidden safe place. That way you won't spend an hour looking for them before you can do any recording. Noted for future reference.

I recorded a vocal guide track, trying to get the timing right and letting the autotune correct the pitch, then three 'real' takes - one for the main vocal and two harmonies for the choruses.

Individually they sounded okay, but in unison didn't quite fit. There was a slight rhythmic confusion - they kept drifting marginally out of step at odd moments.

Anyway, I've still got the recordings, but I'll probably record again from scratch.
Simon M is thinking of putting on a Shite Nite. A marathon showing of really bad films, with equally bad freeflowing alchohol. Most likely dedicated to the cinematic catastrophe's of Ed Wood, but possibly including some John Waters.

I know Plan 9 from Outer Space with it's flying saucers made of paper plates, but have yet to see Divine raped by a giant lobster (in Mondo Trasho?), or the 'confessional' Glen or Glenda.

I can't really compete, though I might suggest a Nob Nite, composed of the recent slew of "documentaries" all about the male pride and joy. There's The Man Who Ate His Lover, The Perfect Penis, The World's Biggest Penis, and - on last night - My Penis and I. All of which I have recorded purely in the interests of scientific research.

Oh, and speaking of really bad films, I have discovered The Horror Channel. Wooden acting and wooden stakes, fake blood and fake endings - a great way to spend a night alone in the dark.
The forum on Islamophobia and "those cartoons" was quite a success. 30 people, including five muslims from the mosque, and maybe 10 students. The muslims, after initial reticence, contributed eloquently - with a lack of sectarianism some of us on the left could learn from.

I'm taking an indefinate break from chairing and helping to organise the forums. Joe R wants to be more involved with left politics and is quite capable, so I've handed over to him.
My presentation on art fraud was well recieved, and the discussion was of the friendly and unsurprising type. Unsurprising to me that is - the iconoclastic motivations of fraudsters, the financial aspects of selling and collecting, and the ideological notion of "unrepeatable genius" came as small revelations to the students.

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