00:07 Wednesday 8th August 2018

There's just no one to talk with.

And seeing as most thinking is done by talking, thinking gets hard too.

Of course, there's Jamal. I speak with him several times a day, occasionally about things more profound than how well his children can speak with me.

And of course, there's me. Specifically, my imaginary audience who I can explain things to - great for working on, and working out, and working through, programming problems. Did several of those today.

And there's these diary entries. Not an imaginary audience, but a distant one. Which includes me of the future.

But if living life requires batteries full of...whatever it is human interaction charges them with, my batteries have been flat for several weeks. And as one who's had intermittant depression their whole life, I can't think of a better analogy for depression than flat batteries.

This life - this job, this work - requires emotional self-sufficiency. But no one's completely self-sufficient.

Tomorrow it will be exactly six weeks. Half way through.


  1. Have you thought about talking to your neighbors? Or even the people at the mosque? I'm sure there's some fascinating history where you're at. And it's always fascinating to hear about other cultures and their point of view. So they know of Rumi in your area?

    1. Small detail: I have just a little arabic, and the average Turk has even less.

      I knew two Turkish words for "problem": "sorun" and, amazingly "problem". But not a great deal more.