17:18 Tuesday 31st July 2018

I think I know how I survived childhood. I didn't know any children.

In nursery school, I didn't speak to anyone. My parents thought I was deaf, so they sent me to a doctor to have my hearing tested. They said I had good hearing. Maybe I'd be a musician some day.

In primary school, I talked to myself. My parents thought I was retarded, so they sent me to a therapist to have my emotions tested. They said I was advanced.

In middle school - actually the same school - I occasionally talked to the teachers. I failed every single exam except "General Knowledge", where I was "exemplary". Had to look up the word.

In secondary school, I read books. So long as they weren't the ones I was supposed to be reading. I got sent to another therapist. They said I was highly intelligent. And eccentric. And egotistical. And emotionally detatched. The kind of person who writes a blog about their life, in fact.

In university...I read the wrong books, failed all the exams, talked to myself, and made music. Eventually qualified to run a museum.

And right now I'm a teacher in the morning, and a babysitter in the afternoon. Not a great deal of difference between the two - you let the smart kids take care of themselves, scream at the bullies till they cry, and hug the victims till they stop.

They would all be a lot happier if they didn't have each other.

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  1. That's life in a big family--chaotic and everyone yells and competes with each other. But it does prepare you for the real world, where you sometimes are forced to compete with strangers and stand your ground for what you want or believe in.