19:04 Tuesday 31st July 2018

We have a housekeeper. She's a very good cook and a very good nanny. She's also about six foot tall and approaching 300 pounds.

We also have a bathroom. It has a non-working toilet, a broken-but-working shower, and an intermittantly working washbasin, this last with a nifty extensible arm for holding a shaving mirror. We flush the toilet by filling a bucket from the tap - on the occasions when there is water flowing. The room is also used as a temporary store for any clothes waiting to be washed.

The housekeeper has decided she doesn't want any adult males in the house to use the bathroom. On the grounds that some of the clothes waiting to be washed are her own undergarments. Suitably sized for a hefty lady intent on keeping herself fully covered, in several layers.

Because if we catch sight of them, we might become inflamed with lust.

Yes, that's her worry.

So, although she's the one being employed and taking orders, we've agreed to stay out of the bathroom. We use the separate toilet and/or the washroom of the mosque down the road instead.

Except when we need a shower, because we can't get that elsewhere.

So. The only time I'm allowed to be in the presence of the intoxicatingly suggestive feminine underthings... is when I'm naked and covered in hot soapy water. And presumably heterosexual.

This is called Morality.


  1. Six foot tall and 300 pounds!?! That's not a woman! That's a defensive lineman in drag! That's probably why he/she doesn't want y'all to share the same bathroom! Because you might discover the Turkish Mrs. Doubtfire!

    1. Heh. Turns out, she's incredibly afraid of the dark.

      And when not bellowing at childen, is something of a pussycat, with even a sneaking fondness for dirty jokes.

      Actually, fairly typical arab in my experience - bluster and straightlaced outside, soft and risque in.