14:46 Monday 13th August 2018

Captain Obvious is Obvious.

Happy Chair is Happy

And stupid thief girl is stupid enough to steal an entire double-pack of chewing gum this morning, hoping I wouldn't notice. Also stupid enough to leave the wrapper behind. Then stupid enough to deny it when asked. <i>Then</i> stupid enough to try blaming someone else. <i>And</i> stupid enough to blame someone who wouldn't do anything like that.

Then smart enough to confess.

Then stupid enough to think we believe her promise to never enter my room and never steal again. Oh, and stupid enough to not notice the two timelapse cameras pointing at the non-hidden of the sweet caches, since I woke up this morning.

Only real question: Am I smart enough to not give her a damn good thrashing when she does it again? Dad says she's shamable - like all bullies, she's easy to bully. Okay, we'll see.

UPDATE: Minor mystery solved. What accounts for one stupid 8 year-old girl stealing random objects, and also taking sweets but leaving the wrappers? It's one stupid eight year old girl, and one normal three year old girl who doesn't grasp the concept of other people's property.


  1. You have treasured sweets and everyone knows it. Of course you're going to attract looters! You should've packed haggis--then see if anyone tries to take it!

    1. Hey! I like haggis.

      Or rather, I probably like all the seasoning used to disguise what the actual haggis is made of.