19:34 Thursday 16th August 2018

Ah, the joys of watching young girls chase black cock.

What? No, someone in the street keeps chickens, which tend to roam, and that sometimes includes straying into our garden, where the girls are kind-of terrified but also kind-of fascinated by them. So sometimes you're not quite sure when it's the black-feathered rooster chasing after the screaming girls, or the other way around.

What did you think I meant?

Besides, I've never chased chickens, even when I was one. And if you, dear reader, are not a british middle aged gay man in around 2018, you probably won't know that "chicken" is what we called "twinks" back when I was...well, a chicken. Or twink. In the 1980s. I never chased roosters either. And I was certainly never into chicks.


  1. But I'm sure you weren't a stranger to a Cock-a-doodle or two!

    Chickens can be vicious creatures. I speak from experience, growing up on a farm and having to collect eggs as one of my chores. Those hens can peck hard and draw blood if they were in a fowl mood!