Mr Freeze

Would you like to know what I'm wearing?

* Two pairs of socks
* One pair of fluffy slipper
* Two pairs of sweatpants - one under the other
* Two teeshirts
* A fluffy dressing gown
* One woolly hat.

There's been snow outside for four days, there's heaters on in every room, there's two duvets over an electric blanket on my bed, we're all dressed up like michelin men...and it's still bloody freezing.

This, by the way, is why I don't especially want to live in Canada.

Now, you know how the default token gift for christmas or birthday is supposedly socks? If there's a relative you see once or twice a year, you're supposed to exchange socks with them at christmas - at least according to self-proclaimed "Normal" people I've met.

Well it's my birthday next week and I want a dozen of the thickest, woolliest, normalest, warmest socks in the world.


  1. Four days? Four days? Where i am the snow's been on the ground since 22nd December.

    I've always quite fancied Canada. The only thing that really bothers me about cold weather is when it's slippery, and so long as there are big enough falls of snow it's usually quite firm footings. I complain at the other end of the thermometer - anything above about 20 degrees and i start whingeing.

    Hope you find a way to keep warm soon...

  2. @Aethelreadtheunread: Where i am the snow's been on the ground since 22nd December.

    Then I'm glad I'm not your live-in houseboy!

    Hope you find a way to keep warm soon...

    Oh I just got one :-). But I've also got thermal underwear now, which is somehow more tempting. God I must be getting old.

    @MJ: Try setting your farts on fire.

    Don't talk about my parents like that! Heh heh.

  3. No hoodie?

    If you've got sunlight, let it in. You'd be surprised at how much warmer a room gets when you let the sunshine in.

    Have some hot chocolate!

  4. I can almost guarantee that if you get a load of thick winter socks then localised global warming will kick in with a vengeance.

    Ain't it amazing how the UK falls apart when we get a bit of snow.