Full of It

I've been busy. But it's not the interesting kind of busy where you do lots of interesting things - it's the dull kind of busy where you do lots of boring things so you can do the interesting things in the future. Also called "Preparation".

That's probably the difference between "having a full life of stuff" and "having a life full of stuff".

This is some of it:

  • I moved my embryonic musical blog to blogger. One dot com offer a pretty good combined hosting/domain package, but the blogging part of that package...does not partake of that goodness. It's slow, limited and limiting.

    So now I've moved my musical musings to a new home. And I challenge you not to groan at the name.

  • I started making instructional videos for YouTube. The most difficult part of which was finding a video editing program which didn't crash all the time.

    The other most difficult part was describing how to do something and why I was doing it at the same time as doing it, under the entirely spurious performance pressure of a screen recorder. Odd how it's difficult to remember and talk and do all at the same time.

    Anyway, this will be unleashed upon the world properly...a little later.

  • A lot of technical stuff involving frequency analysis, windows registry editing, and graphical plugins.


  1. Let us know how it goes!

    Maybe you ought to write down a few talking points about what you're discussing, like a script, before you start recording. And do some takes and save the ones you like.

  2. I've tried both approaches. But the one I'm currently working with is: record the actions, then record the explanation, then edit them together, freezeframing the actions when necessary.

    Not the most spontaneous method in the world, but it saves me the trouble of remembering everything all at once, and it's easy to do multiple takes of the voiceover.

  3. Actually you're right about the script - especially as I'm now recording the sound separately from the vision.