I've found the best way to get a flurry of new ideas about to finish development and prepare to announce it to the world.

This guarantees some insight or brainwave which kickstarts the whole development process over again. Often in the form of some overlooked factor which turns everything else on it's head.

If you want to have a brilliant new idea for the look of your website, finish implementing the previous idea and load your FTP program ready to upload the result. As soon as you log on, you'll be inspired with an idea of how to redesign it much better - and the better the inspiration, the more of the week's work you'll have to throw away and start again from scratch.

The same goes for the range of virtual synthesisers, the collection of filtered-noise drum samples you've been working on, the portable version of Photoshop you hardly use...and the arrangement of cables which gives you a kettle next to your laptop.

Speaking of which, I've just had an idea.

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  1. Good luck with the new ideas! The Muse is like calling customer service: Sometimes you find what you find what you want and all ends well; other times, you're on hold and never get anywhere.