Camy says I need a theme to introduce my videos. So, here's a practice demo.


  1. Tease.

    The video won't talk to me.


  2. Yeah, very nice, but not quite what I had in mind. I meant a title sequence that begins each of your lessons. Name and URL followed by lesson title kinda thing.

    Then you should end each lesson the same way.

    You'll probably end up with a couple of thousand rabid fans on whom you can push your music too!

    See, Kap will rule the world. :)

  3. Well, like I say, it's just a practice piece. There's another in the works with name and URL.

    I'm not sure about fans who are rabid - maybe fans who are rabbits? - but when I rule the world, you can be Minister of Percussion.

  4. Like Roses, I, too had problems accessing the vid last night. It was unavailable. But now that I've seen it, it's an excellent demo. Good visuals and a great theme song.

  5. Nope still can't watch.

    I'll source more coffee.