Happy and Glorious Queen

"I'm like a cake that wants to be baked,
I'm like a pie made for hungry guys."
- Fancy, "Slice me Nice"

Brno don't want me. Ho Chi Minh City are considering.

At this rate I'll be running my own school by the time they get to Moscow.

Exactly how do you pronounce "Brno" anyway?

Today's word:

Nillionaire: Noun used to describe a person with no money.

My current reading matter: The collected works of George Orwell, online.

Orwell is one of those writers who I can always return to for inspiration or provokation - whether on the limits of pacifism or how to make a cup of tea.

Like Wittgenstein always makes me want to ask deep questions, Beckett makes me want to write, and er, Christopher Hitchens makes me want to punch the author...Orwell gets me wondering whether I've been wrong all my life about subjects I've never thought about.

Question: Who reads Kapitano?
Answer: People who use these search terms:


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"lesson plan"+"word stress"

"Stop The Cavalry" buzz

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"I went to the bank yesterday" TEFL

"jeff stryker" thunderstorm porn

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Hugh Pugh Barney McGrew

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Here's a patriotic quiz.

Who wrote the British national anthem?
(1) Elgar
(2) Beethoven
(3) No one knows!

How many verses does it have?
(1) One
(2) Three
(3) It varies! But at least two.

What is the officially recognised version of the lyrics?
(1) "God save our gracious Queen / Long live our noble Queen..."
(2) "God save the queen / The fascist regime..."
(3) There isn't one!

So how many commonly accepted versions are there?
(1) Just one
(2) Fourteen. Except in February, when there's nine and a half.
(3) The first verse is pretty much standard, after that...no one knows!

What do we call someone who knows the second verse?
(1) Educated
(2) Patriotic
(3) Strange, and possibly dangerous\

Incidentally, the American national anthem is written to the tune of a British drinking song. Unless you read Douglas Adams, in which case it's an ancient Betelgeuse death song.

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  1. Aww, I was gonna take a shot at the quiz for a second there.

    There was a movement not too long ago to have the national anthem changed to America the Beautiful. Apparently the Star Spangled Banner was too "violent."