Weekend 2

Quite a restful weekend. A miniature holiday back with family and comrades, the former giving me food, the latter buying me drinks.

The journey back to London wasn't quite so restful. A delayed train, a replacement bus driving at mad speeds along narrow roads in the fog at midnight, another delayed train, a tube service that was closed by the time I got to London, and the creatively inaccurate nightbus timetables of London Bridge.

But, in the middle of all that, I got to meet a gang of drunken Chinese students, who were highly impressed that I knew three words of Mandarin. One decided he was so happy about something that he wanted to hug and kiss someone...and I didn't exactly resist. I'm not sure it's usual to put your tongue in the ear of someone you've just met - not on a train station anyway - but he didn't seem to mind.

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