Day 6

There is something worse than being crammed like a sardine in a tube train that's going in the wrong directions.

Namely, getting off at the next stop and taking the reverse journey, only to find it takes you in a different wrong direction.

And then getting off at another stop...which isn't on the map.

Anyway, I always get lost once on the tube system whenever I visit London, and today was it.

I now how two reputations among staff and students. The first is "the one who can make the technical things work". If the tape machine isn't playing, the powerpoint presentation isn't displaying properly, or the gee-wizz hi-tech electronic whiteboard won't switch on, eyes swivel in my direction.

My other reputation is as "the one who's pretty good with phonemics". Just because I read a few books on it a decade and a half ago. To help me design artificial human languages while pretending to be a computing student.

I'm not sure where I got the idea from that teaching was seven days a week - perhaps from the (accurate) assurance that study and perparation continues more-or-less full time at weekends.

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