Day 15

I recall I said last Friday, that Friday was a day for things going wrong. Well, this Friday things went wrong too.

We got assignment two back, all marked and graded...and I think every single one of us has to resubmit for one reason or another. In my case it's because I didn't define "Souvenir" with sufficient rigour and I missed out some phonetic symbols in the definition of "Sightseeing".

Of my subgroup of five, two were scheduled to teach. One called in sick with a bronchial infection - absolutely genuine I'm sure given how ill she's been. And the other's lesson relied on taped monologues. The tape managed to get twisted and play backwards - something I've only seen once before when I made it happen deliberately as an experiment at age ten.

The new coursebook we teach from is a pile of poo. The instructors know it, the trainees and learners know it. It is actually easier to design a whole sixty minute lesson from scratch than bash the provided modules into usable shape.

Us trainees are showing strain in different ways. One's had a nonstop pounding headache for two days, another breaks out in acne, a third has severe insomnia, one simply hasn't turned up, some have constant colds. I just feel like crying or shouting at odd moments, and get entranced by displacement activity, neither of which is especially helpful.

I've somehow managed to lose half a stone in weight over the last three weeks, living on sugary coffee and sandwiches stuffed with saturated fats and the cheapest ingredients. Half the others have lost similar amounts.

We are, somehow, three quarters of the way through, and there's a feeling of being on the home run. The obstacles are worse in the final week, but the end is in sight.

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