What could be nicer than this?

Spending christmas eve getting gently drunk with comrades, disagreeing about Italian film directors, schooldays, and the masculinity of professional wrestling. Declining a texted offer of seasonal sex because it's too cold I'm a little too unsteady for it. Getting a call from C.

Spending christmas morning working on a murder mystery, and the afternoon curled up in a warm bed with chilled music on the speakers. And a John LeCarre novel for company.

I got a pair of fluffy slippers from mother.

Coming up: the Doctor Who christmas special. Followed by an absolutely enormous christmas dinner in the evening with family. Turkey, potatoes, parsnips, three different kinds of stuffing, bacon, peas, sprouts and chestnuts. Probably followed by trifle. With ice cream.

After which I will be much too full to blog about anything.

Of course, some things could be nicer. There could be no sprouts, for instance. The weather could be warm enough for outdoor sex, I could not be bankrupt, and neither could half my friends. The Doctor Who christmas special could be great TV (though I know it won't), I could be three pounds lighter and the rich bastards who run the world could be suffering all the torments of Dante.

But in general, a pleasant 25th of December.


  1. Well, that last wish of yours may not be a very christian one, especially not today, but I do feel compelled to agree entirely with you, Captain! What else can I do? That's just the way I am...

  2. I'm sure Dante thought he was being very christian when he wrote about hell. Though he was a little less sympathetic than most christians towards priests and bishops.

    Besides, people who try to be "more christian" than usual at christmas and easter...probably aren't very good christians.

    Anyway, don't appologise for the way you are, because you're much more spiritual than me.

  3. Minge: Basically, "Happy Christmas". That and "life is rubbish but I'm dealing with it."