In Short, in Fine, in Brief...

Quite a lot has happened, but most of it's either personal (as in trivial) or personal (as in sensitive and private). So, given that I'm too tired to write much, here's recent events in summery form:

2300 I get a virus on the laptop.
2330 I lose my internet connection and find I can't get rid of the virus.
2335 I decide to reinstall Windows.

0100 I collate all the files that need backing up, and put them on 3 DVDRs. This takes six hours, so I pass the time watching Torchwood and reading Montaigne.
0700 I try to format the system partition and install Windows XP.
0800 I find an XP disc that works, and sleep while it installs.
1700 I wake and remember I'm suppose to record the Strict Machines gig.
1900 We finally get to the Nell Gwynne pub.
1945 The gig finally starts, and recording goes fairly smoothly.
2330 Go home

0130 Get internet connection back.
0200 Start to install software on Windows.

At a rough count, there's eighty programs and plugins that I use regularly. As of 0300 I've installed five. Oh sod it, I'm going to bed.

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