Alta Native 02/12/06

That's what I'm calling the album - Alta Native. Meaning either "one who dwells in a higher place", or "one who's home is in other terratory". Erm, I think.

I used to have a poster filled with aphorisms drawn from the world of computer programming. One was "90% of the development takes 90% of the time. The other 10% takes the other 90%". In other words, one reason projects tend to overrun is the final stages, which seem so simple in the abstract, can take a very long time indeed.

It's the same with music of course. Last night I worked from midnight til seven, putting finishing touches to the backing tracks of five of the songs. Tonight, I've been...adding more finishing touches. And they're still not quite finished, but by seven today I'll be ready to begin recording vocals. Except I'll probably be asleep, because I've been up all night.

Anyway, I thought this little project could use a stream of posts and a label of it's own.

The Kate Bush song I initially had the most difficulty with - Army Dreamers - is now my favourite. While the one I first thought of for covering - Experiment IV - I'm not happy with at all. Odd that the much poppier Experiment IV should be so much less ammenable to the Kapitano electroclash-synthpop treatment than the radio-unfriendly Army Dreamers.

Anyway, with any luck there will soon be sounds to go with these words, and my musings might start to seem relavent to something.


  1. One day, I hope, we'll get to hear all these fabulous songs.

  2. Two other suggestions (same meaning, more or less): ALTIUS NATIVE and ALTER NATIVE (this one too obvious, I think).
    Enjoy your music!
    Have a great Sunday!